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Stock Market Has BO 7/27/23

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Q2 GDP (QoQ): 2.4%, [Est. 1.8%, Prev. 2.0%]
Q2 Core PCE Prices: 3.8%, [Est. 4.0%, Prev. 4.9%]
Q2 Real Consumer Spending: 1.6%, [Est. 1.2%, Prev. 4.2%]
Jun. Durable Goods Orders (MoM): 4.7%, [Est. 1.0%, Prev. 2.0%]
Weekly Initial Jobless Claims: 221K, [Est. 235K, Prev. 228K]

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1 hour ago, DrStool said:

Naturally, I googled why some cities end in berg and others end in burg. 

Thing is, only Germans know which cities end in berg and which in burg

I knew Hamburg was Hamburger because I eat hamburgers. 

But I wasn't sure about Nuremberg, Rothenburg, or Heidelberg. 

Those which end with -berg are almost always directly near some kind of mountain, those with -burg have a castle. Heidelberg has both :lol:

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Europe is fine just the way it is. Only Europeans don't see it that way. 

Either too much integration or not enough. 

I hear that the Germans like to complain about their trains. 

Are you nuckin' futs? 

I just went from Nuremb-rg to Rothenb-rg der Tauber in 1 hour 20 on 3 trains. One ICE and 2 regionals. The change times were 4 minutes but both trains were late. The connecting trains waited both times, and I arrived in Rothenb-rg on time.  The second time, I had to sprint between platforms, downstairs and up, with two suitcases and a backpack. 

No problem. Just a little winded. 

True story. Swear to G-d. 

Heidelb-rg Saturday. 

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