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The News They Didn't Like Today - 2/16/23

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Was it this? How Bears Could Take Charge This Week February 13, 2023

I honestly don't know. I'm writing a report on who's drawing down the Strategic Cash Reserve, and I name names. 

That's coming up within the hour. 

Meanwhile, I can't make sense of these gyrations. Constantly failing triangle breakouts are not normal. Maybe this is a manifestation of AUI taking over stock trading. That's Artificial Unintelligence, which is basically what Wall Street has always been. Now they just turn it over to the robots and let them mismanage it. 

All that I can say from this garbage is that 4095-98 is sport, and a 4 day cycle low is due. But the rest of the chart is gibberish. 

tvc_a78faeebf7af668166e5dd553d20ecd0.png (1588×828)


For moron the markets, see:

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The markets feel artificial to me, not making much sense... not that they have to... but still...

Could this all be algo driven, computers buying and selling shares back and forth walking the prices higher?  If so, it may end in an avalanche in selling when it all reverses on some programmed trigger.

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Eccles, we have a problem.  Core Producer Prices, FInal Demand Finished Consumer Goods appears to be leveling out at a 7% annual rate. If so, that's a problem. 


And looking at the compound annual rate of change (below), it looks like an even bigger problem as it seems to have reversed from disinflating, to dysentery. 

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