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That's a Helluva Top- 11/17/22

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Falling one by one....

Yes the crytpo banks are being run out of asset town.

There balance sheets full of worthless native tokens.

The liquidators will need to FTM

That's follow the money......

Its all about "Return of the native" 

Who were the native tokens originally issued to.....

(my guess the original VC investors who put capital in and the company founders)

for how much.... and who sold them.... and what were they sold for....

Those are the real issues.

The liquidators need to really concentrate on getting a return of funds from the original native token holder owners.... 

Because they are the ones who have ended up with the money.

If the liquidators dont do this then ultimate recoveries will be very poor...

10 cents on the dollar poor. 

Everything else is just absurd Kabuki theatre.

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„She is just reaffirming the ongoing narrative and it is more of the case that they will keep saying so for as long as they can get away with it. But the headline remark in itself is already a step down from the previous communique of 'hiking rates over the next several meetings'.“

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The Trouble with Banks

They have trillions in treasuries and MBS on their balance sheets.

Holding them at hold to completion values....no mark to market for them.

Think of the enormous losses they have not realised.

They are going to have to pay way more on their deposits.

But they are not going to get way more in interest on these bonds.

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