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Missing The Point


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Sweef, here comes the true test. I just got my Calandra email.


Right now DRD is down 1.07 at 17.42, and AZO is down .96 at 79.10. Let's see if they close higher than whatever rampjob we get for the broader indices would put them, to see if Calandra's tout/journ/bork, whatever you want to call it, works.


By the way, when I started this post, AZO was at 79 even, so maybe it's working after all.

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That NAZ TRIN chart I posted above is still showing those wild one minute swings. Never seen that before. Da Boyz must be trading huge volume one or two stocks to make swings like that. I got no idea....simply amazing....bouncing betwwen TRIN 4.00 and 4.80 every minuytesince 2:30 PM or so.

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