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Missing The Point


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CBOE Intra-day Put/Call


CBOE re-stated 11:00AM CST data; Equity spike up gone. Intra-day P/C still bearish.


Doc, please consider removing 'Flood Control' from this board. It makes us wait 30 seconds before making an additional posting - not good for a real-time intra-day board IMHO.


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Take a good look at the DMI/ADX(12) on daily QQQs. Since Dec 5th selling pressure stronger than buying. Buying pressure steadily declining since 11/21!


First and foremost I prefer to always trade on the side of this (DMI/ADX and MACD(12,26)) Never against it.


All these indicators that gave massive buy signals around mid Oct are now giving massive sell signals. Current price tracking nicely with 4/8 day EMA. Go with the flow. This trend is in its infancy, we just turned the corner, why fight it so early.

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fokker & drano

one of the reasons i became a bear was what motivated my wife to fall in love and marry me:the enormous amount of hair on my back--you know the story: Beauty & the Beast"? She thought that her kisses were magic ,and that they would serve as a perfectly adequate substitute for a depillitorist---

But seriously, i wear my insignia:metastisizing hirsutism with pride, and with that pride goes the question:why dont the bears get together and elect a super rich bear to propagandize the fact , that the current market, is nothing more than a hi-rent skyscraper housed 3 card monte game;THIS to be done in order to accelerate the inevitable--

Its as if we,the ursine constabulary,are fighting a multi-cabbage headed hydra;for every one cut off three more grow in its place--

We should rename the wall street schmuck farm P.T Barnum avenue--

I jest only in part--we have to start marketing truth on a vast scale--thus contradicting myself as ever

bear dreck


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DoubleFlush - the CBOE numbers have been really flaky today. They revised the high 11:00 a.m. value to a lower one. I hope their end-of-day stats are more reliable than the squirrelly intraday figures.


Meanwhile, the Fed has one of their ritual circle jerks scheduled for tomorrow. It's hardly credible that rates will be slashed again - that would be tantamount to an admission of failure.


However, the pretense that risks are "balanced" between growth and weakness is getting hard to maintain with a straight face. An easing bias represents the obvious middle ground to beat a retreat, bearing in mind the fates of poor O'Neill and Lindsey. You have been warned, Uncle Al.

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Beardrech, your metastasizing hirsutism aside, the reason I'm a bear is because the market is overvalued and overpriced. I will be a bull when it's underpriced and undervalued. Broadcasting the truth would ruin our entries, but possibly accelerate the decline for which we wait. I'd elect you the Stoolizenry's spokesman. Any seconds?

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