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Missing The Point


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Simple Guy and Bird D -


Thanks for your 8:31 and 9:02 AM reinforcements of my opening commentary. Knowing when to let go and walk away is, IMO as well, the most important part of the game-in-common we all play.


This from yesterday's New York Post:


Talk about missing the point.


A Pennslyvania man charged with theft was planning to pawn a computer to pay for a rehabilitation program that would clear his criminal record, police said.


How did Ernesto Valdez, 32, get the computer? He stole it, according to police - from a courthouse.

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CBOE Intra-day Put/Call


PD - looks like the CBOE messed with the Equity volume, the last bump up was exaggerated.

MH - thanks for pointing out this type of CBOE error the last time it happened. I've been watching the volume deltas more closely now since I'm no longer posting them.


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hey fokker

how do those wall strreet jerkoffs manage to indulge in their financial auto-eroticisms with an INVISIBLE hand???

Maybe its an invincible hand---

Why am i so excited ?wouldn't u b if someone put paprika in YOUR jockstrap?(my new test logo)


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