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Market Rallies on Strength in Biden and COVID Numbers 6/26/20

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Day before it sold off for those reasons. 

According to Wall Street, one day it causes it to go down. Next day same thing causes it to go up. 

This morning on the hourly chart we're getting a return to the scene of the crime breakout from the reverse head and shoulders bottom. 




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So far, the death rate has not increased very much nationally. This is where the rubber meets the road. About 10-11 day lag. If deaths stay near current levels, then one of two things, are happening, or both. EIther the virus is becoming less deadly, or the doctors are having more success keeping people alive. Those are positives.

However, SandyB also made the excellent point about quality of life. How many people who've had a serious case of COVID will fully recover? How many will recover to such a poor quality of life, that it's not worth living? 

As a high risk person, I'm definitely hoping for the best for everyone. 

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On the other hand, I have serious doubts that these states are reporting deaths accurately. Even blue states understated death rates. Red state governors have been trying to hoodwink the public by suppressing the data, or fudging it.  I think that it will be a couple months before we know from seeing the excess death figures. 

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this stark article on 5g is published by IEEE.

5G and its effects on human health

5G, DNA damage and the future of the human genome

Another important concern about the effect of 5G technology on human health is its effect on DNA. In the presence of 5G technology, there are greater chances of DNA damage. Damage to DNA could cause serious consequences on the human genome future. According to studies, breakage of DNA strands in living cells can be caused by exposure to both pulsed and continuous RF radiation. The stored information in these DNA cells becomes corrupted.



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Quality of life issue for those who are risk is a real thing. This link shows what your brain looks like via MRI images after the SARS-CoV-2 eats it:


Worth a look but not while you are eating. Sit down before opening link. This is the result of direct infection of the brain or of the arteries in the brain. 

And this is in addition to all the strokes people are having due to thrombosis during disease and up to weeks later. That's an unrelated issue. 

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