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  1. Remind me how 1987 and 2000 top were made? Panic buying while fundamentals were not good. Panic Buying will use up all the fuel like Panic selling in Oct 2022. With No shorts 22.5 years cycle will be complete. come September 2023 August 2023 is where we should see First wobble Market from 1966/1982. How many tops were made? same should happen again.
  2. Do you remember what Dow did last year when everything was heading south??. Took out 61% and more then what happened? Now same game, NDX taking SPX up with it and Dow doing nothing. market will take your money if you believe new high is coming also Crash is coming like 1929. Think like 1966-1982 with market churning which will eat up P/E with Inflation. When did Nixon defaulted during that time? Real trade is there only if one opens one Mind. Why the Hell is Powell offering better yield then even BOE. Years ago BOE use to set Rate higher then US. Simple trade was Buying Gold when Nixon defaulted. $35/Ounce is worth over $1700. What is the next trade??? What is Yields telling you and why is Powell offering more?? Best rates in G7 Another simple trade buy and forget is coming
  3. Has anyone wondered what the hell is Happening in the market? Nothing like 1929, Y2K or 2008 and no recession insight? What if everyone has it all wrong and market will have multiple head like 1966-1982 which will eat away your money with Inflation. What happened during 1966-1982? Yields went up stocks gone nowhere. Money was made trading. Buy low sell High. R we There yet again??? Forget 1929 dump around the corner and trade it like the market with more Inflation is on the way. Powell is no Paul Volker when he is paying Money out with RRP. One hand he is doing QT and with another hand giving money away. I have seen it all. There is nothing new under the sun. Only paper money get Killed
  4. Believe that Gold should bottom around same month it made top in 2011. Most likely by Aug/Sep 2023. How did I come up with that??? 144 months Indexes are making top again IMHO??? Inflation is here to stay so Don't lock up your Money. better yields are on the way
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