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From that article I posted: First and foremost, as Gartman wrote, "Dr. Bernanke has made it clear that the Federal Reserve Governors are painfully aware of the very severe problem that a pervasive deflation would manifest upon the US economy and the US society, and they are not prepared to allow that to happen. They will do what they must in order to alleviate deflation, including erring openly upon the side of inflation..."

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If your charts are wider than 500 pixels, and cannot be resized without losing too much resolution, please link to them, instead of embedding in the thread. It forces users with screen width less than 1024 pixels to have to toggle back and forth.

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I had a punch in the gut idea yesterday, suddenly. The market most thought to be headed lower? The dollar.


While I know everyone in the world is in fact long the dollar the sentiment suggested to me, in this thought, that maybe it would be the surpise going forward. A stake in our bear hearts. Hope I am just being paranoid.

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