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Doc, the ".gif" at the end of the URL trick is cute. :rolleyes:




However, some charting services might not like such modified URLs... Oh, well. As long as it works with the ones I use, and as long as there's an easy workaround (HTML) for those it doesn't work for, I'm happy. :D




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Guest rockhead. The difference in our posts are that I posted the exchange volumes and you posted ETF's (index baskets). Although the ETF"s give some clues, the exchange volume includes , I believe, all trades of every stock on that exchange. This is about as broad an indication of volume as one get get. IMHO TheEFT data is definately helpful and has a purpose in its own right. :)

I agree with what u are saying. I just cant pull up NYSE and NAZ percentage volume. I get total volulme, but no breakdown so I threw up the ETF numbers for kicks. It is interesting in the disparity between the values you reported and the ETF values I reported. Hmmmmm.


BTW, I had doc take down the image as it was too wide. Will have to adjust for smaller image size. Somehow got logged on as a guest and then re logged in and couldnt delete it myself. Thanks doc or others for the prompt delete request.

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The words "sudden, ferocious and decisive" rung through the congregation yesterday. Preacher was discussing Psalms and God's judgement. Specifically targetted in this passage was Greed.


This is how this rally will end . Once begun, it will not be shortable. Since Greed is neither short or long, this admonition could pertain to another, seemingly etherial, rally. To me, the greater risk is the upside. I firmly believe the mechanism will be Biblical, as above.

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