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A Moment Of Awakening . . .


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RE: My previous post


I think Kass may have sandbagged Procto, by not telling them in advance that he turned bearish. Last time he was on he was over the top bullish. His thesis now is that the evidence is clear that the consumer has hit the wall.

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Maria's logic about pension fund stock purchases is impeccable, once you accept that the only function of the economy is to boost stock values. After a year and a half of stories about what a disaster this is for 'investors' and the economy these people still don't get it.


PS. Is she assuming MyBM will be buying their own stock to fill the pension fund? Isn't there some kind of limit on this?

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i was always interested in asking you the following:

At which firm do you work and is it that you are sitting in a trading room with 50 or more other guys, have 3 monitors running and on one screen there is the stool? :lol:

Actually its GovernmentSacks and we purchased the WorldCon command center for $3.99 payable over two hundred years @ 0% down, 0% interest and 0 payments for 199 years.


There are 101 traders in a semi circle. Except for one trader, each one has 6 flat screen monitors. On the 52 foot command screen in the front of the room I, the 101st trader display capitalstool to the masses.

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yeah grizzly i'm itching to put stops where i want them on my spx puts and am hoping we crack that level today. the spread is still huge out here in way-out-tha-money land


between santa, arch, the full moon, the bradley, Wackie Wensdy, and the 'importance' of showing a DOW loss in the single (and not double) digits, i do not trust that we won't have a moonshot attempt starting next week.


also in that vein, bill bruns has a short piece on the 'january effect' at schaeffer's and how it actually seems to be taking place 15-31 december....

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Maria on Crapvision: "There is more stock and the same amount

of dollars in this market. More supply and the same amount of



Huh? No new dollars? What has been happening to the paper

rolling off the presses Sir Printsalot has been running 24x7 for

weeks on end?


Maria still spewing the pension crap: Jump on in as pension money

poors and the price of the stock goes up, up, up! Never

a mention of company fundamentals, just trading hype.



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