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  1. three ways to fix. your real player is fried. 1. uninstall real player and reinstall it. that sometiems fixes the problem. 2. uninstall real player and see if medai player will play the file ok. 3. leaving real player uninstalled, install winamp (free) www.winamp.com. awesome free program plays practically anything. (This would be THE first thing I would try for a customer after uninstalling real player). Let me know how it works out
  2. above, I said right-click, but failed to say select 'properites"
  3. you are not doing anything wrong. Attached images do not show until actually 'added' (submitted) and added to the thread. from there you can see it and edit the post if needed Let me know if you are still having problems:)
  4. example: I went to www.bigcharts.com and right-clicked the upper left hand image that looks like this then I highlighted the url by click&hold-drag across the url making it all highlighted. then i changed to this page, hit the IMG button above, and pasted the url into that new popup window, then I hit enter. result is on this page link is/was http://b.mktw.net/images/logo/frontpage.gif If you get a red x, it may not work bacause the site doesn't allow remote linking (that is what we are doing, getting an image from another server). Hope that example is clear
  5. that just sorts the topics, i think he meant the posts, but I might be wrong
  6. when you compare your capture to the real java screen are they virtually identical? The background is so dark, that the lines painted on it don't show up. 2 suggestions. try to change the indicator lines and number displays to a brighter color, for example solid red white or red. 2nd is to change the line 'width' to 2 to make it stand out more. The two images you posted are .gif and that is good, .jpg not needed. When you used the program that resized it, did you select or see a choice to select for 'smart resize' or preferred pixel resize? if you can state a size, limit the resize
  7. I looked thru the help files on this board and the creator's site but nothing on that. I read a lot of different computer boards, and I've never seen that option. When you refresh, do you hit the f5 key (windows)? that way yhyour current position on the page you are viewing is preserved, new posts appear below the last one you viewed. Let us know if we can help you in any way
  8. night stool loink to board #2 Richmtn and alceringa do a lot of work for night stool! (applause!) updated to monday night link
  9. I DID consider a picture of got milk with the color changed to stool, but thought better of it!
  10. retards at bellsouth's support center can't find the server to reboot it if you can believe that story told to me. No reason a server should be not backed up and competent tech support available 24/7. (sgh)
  11. from a friend via email, submitted for your reading enjoyment Subject: BUSH CONVERSATION Who says Republicans don't have a sense of humor! Conversation between Condoleeza Rice (National Security Advisor to the President) and George W. George: Condi! Nice to see you. What's happening? Condi: Sir, I have the report here about the new leader of China. George: Great. Lay it on me. Condi: Hu is the new leader of China. George: That's what I want to know. Condi: That's what I'm telling you. George: That's what I'm asking you. Who is the new leader of China? Condi
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