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It's Fund to Stay at the FOMC, FOMC ee 4/30/24

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Today. And tomorrow. Which is when we'll get the noncement and the dog and pony show. The market will react, and in the days after, as always, we'll get the Fed Resubstantiation Rally.  

For now, it looks set up to go... drumroll please... 

The answer for now lies outside of 5110 and 5117. And I'm not sure that we should run with a break either way. But I'd be remiss to point out that if it's up, it would tend to confirm the base breakout conventional measured move target of 5265. There's also a 5 day cycle projection of 5205. Furthermore, the hourly cycle oscillators are hanging around above zero. If there's no downside break today, a subsequent upside turn would be very bullish indeed. Swing Trade Screen Picks – Hidden Gems


For moron the markets, see:   

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Your funds are free at the FOMC. It's fund to stay at the FOM C eee. 

Buy stocks, there's no need to go down, I said
Buy stocks, pick yourself off the ground, I said
Buy stocks, 'cause you're in a new bull
There's no need to be all bearish
Buy stocks, there's a place you can go, I said
Buy stocks, when you're short on your stocks you can
Stay there and I'm sure you will find
Many ways to spend a good time

Your funds are free at the FOMC.
Your funds are free at the FOMC.
They have everything for the bulls to enjoy
You can hang out with Goldman boyz
Your funds are free at the FOMC.
Your funds are free at the FOMC.
You can get yourself clean, you can have a good steal
You can buy whatever you feel

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