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The Top is In- 11/10/23

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1 hour ago, BreakOut said:

When the tide goes out…

I guess there are two ways to look at this.  If front-running, that is obviously very bad.  But if you decide something is a dog and dump it at work, it is understandable to want to dump it at home, as well.  Timing, of course, is everything.

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Automated buying program by Blackrock and other major ETF providers. The magic of indexing: you just gotta buy the Top 10 of big market caps and that‘s it.

if the Nifty Fifty of our time will ever fail and fall? Well, if QT and rates at 5% is not enough what is? 10% rates sure, but will we go there?

Beneath the surface it burns since almost 2 years.

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I was a big fan of his during my days on the Street. Farrell never imagined that the Fed would engage in long term rigging of the stock market to only go up.

There are long periods when the general consensus is right.

Bear markets no longer have 3 stages, and they haven't since the 73-74 bear market. 

The "public" is actually institutional investors. 

Exponential runs sometimes do correct by going rangebound. 

The other points are generally still true, although obviously bear markets are a helluva lot more fun than bull markets. 😂

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