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Travel Monday Random Shit 8/21/23

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We humans try to explain everything that happens in the market. We always need a reason. But much of it can simply be explained as random shit. That's why I try to focus more on the what than the why. Because the what at least gives us a certain percentage of predictability. We just need that percentage to be a hair above 50%. If we get to 70% that's like the holy Grail. 

Meanwhile today is a travel day for me. I'm on my way from the gorgeous city of Lille France for one week stop to relax in Rouen Normandy. Lille was a shocking revelation to me. I think it is the most beautiful medium sized city that I have seen in Europe. And it's a real bargain in terms of what it offers. I highly recommend a visit.

As for today's market, the ES 24-hour s&p futures chart has come off a nice 5-day cycle though with a breakout from a symmetrical bottom pattern that measures to 4405.

I will be back with a better chart, and cycle projections later!


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5 day cycle high is due this afternoon. 

I have to change trains in Paris at different stations. Crosstown from Gare du Nord to Gare St. Lazare by bus. Plenty of time. 1 hr 5 minutes between arrival and departure. 

SNCF doesn't make it easy sometimes. 

I remember the first time I had to do this 7 years ago. It was terrifying. One of the most stressful experiences I ever had. Now, it's a piece of cake.

I usually stop at Paul for it. 

The cake. 

A plus tard! 

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On Friday Jaqueson Owl, could be a turning point, but does not necessarily mean a turning point down…

Nvidia on Wednesday, with all those manic price targets given the last few days by big banks they better bring absolute mega blockbuster earnings…

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