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Election Fraud?


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You are doing a great job Doc.


My lines project 903.76, my 5min. chart trading range is 901-905


All my orders were in early this morning.... Really a lazy way to trade but sometime I just get tired of chasing this thing around.


So it is just a matter of trade management.

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Did Kudlow get a face lift or get his teeth punched out? I hadn't seen him in a while, maybe the plastic guy just did a wackojacko overstretch. Or maybe the coke rotted his teeth. I dunno. I want to see a replay of the last celebration; what a bunch of clowns.


Quote Larry just now "who cares about the deficit?".


At least he's accurate on this one.

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The institutional number represents hedge, pension and mutual funds. Mostly hedge funds. It includes equity and index values. I would read it the same as the CBOE numbers except that it gives a liitle more detail on hot money.


I read it as extremely bearish. Hot money is loaded up for the year end rally and now expects it like its the latest amendment to the Constitution.

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