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Election Fraud?


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An occasional sound just cracks me up, and I was craking up even while I was losing money. It's good to be able to laugh when a trade is going against you, it's even a better laugh when it going right. I'd suggest that audio clips are kept for just the right moment, few and far between, and kept to a short duration for those dial-up folks out there. (I have a broadband connection, but will use dial-up as a backup in case of an outage)


Longer audio clips should be provided as a link so we users have a choice to play them or not, IMHO.

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If you'd like to receive birthday presents from stoolies all over the world, go to "My Controls" and add your birthday to your personal profile. It will show up on the Calendar, and you will be showered with valuable gifts.


Well, not really, but it's fun. :)

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Rockhead: try one from the July low. Then, overlay one from the October low.


Where are there "clusters" of Fib dates?

QQQ, daily chart with a test of fibonacci time cycles.....DONT TRUST THIS CHART!


Date and colors are as follows...


8/5/02 low....cyan.

8/22/02 top....red

10/9/02 low......yellow

12/2/02 top.......white


Chart has been enlarged in scale to depict current day better. It just dont look right. Seems like the cycles are severly too closely bunched. Looks better on 60 minute chart IMO. Beat the hell out me how these time cycles get used. Will call Tradestation tech support and hopefully get and explanation.


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