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Election Fraud?


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Guest The CoinGuy
Feed fool. I love your charts!! Now, could you please make the POG skyrocket?




I'll second that request :P Missed those great charts FF




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Is Doc calling the 2/3 day bottom?


The next area of support is the previous low set on November 19 near the 893 level. The volume on the November 19 low came in at 1.36 billion shares. If the S&P trades below this low and then closes above it on light volume of 1.22 billion shares or less, it would create a bullish short term sign Tim Ord



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Feed, I share your call on PM. My ewave guy says the pullback will form wave e of an a-b-c-d-e wave 4 triangle then we bust a move up big time. 5th waves after 4th wave triangles are brief moves though and imply the end of 5 waves up off Nov 2000 bottom. :(


Time will tell, if too euphoric at upcoming wave 5 top then the wave count might be correct.

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Rockhead, I use Rick Lapoints Fib Calc 3, calculator which can project fib dates by pivot and sequence. It seems somewhat subjective depending on your timeframe and what dates one plugs in.


Maybe we can get a double top here on the SPX, 5 min. chart?



I went to Tradestation's online user manual....followed the "detailed" directions and the charts I posted were constructed correctly. Just looks like crap to me. I wont be using the fibo cycle dates.


Regarding SP500, 5 minute...1 got 901.30 as double top. SP500 has been following slope of ascending trendline from about 10:40 AM this morning and a clash is due right here in the 900 -902 range. As Doc says....its a nail bitter.


Also have a 60 minute SPY descending trendline hitting right here at SPY 90.65. We are right at this resistance on the SPY.


Gonna get interesting.

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