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Having Failed to Find the Basel III Accords 8/2/23

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I'm sure there are AMD magic bean buyers from afterhours yesterday that made shrewd purchases at $120 - 125 looking forward to those dip buyers... all you can eat at $108 now for sell...

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-1 or -2% is just a v. shallow pullback. We need at least 5%-10% to call this correction on main indices. Some names rose like 100-200%, so dropping even 5% today means nothings.

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9 hours ago, potatohead said:


This projections are worth nothing since not even one project a recession and deficit within let say 5 years. We all know that sooner or later such bigger recession will happen and thats why projecting small net marketable debt within next 10 years is a joke.


Just look around. What happens since 2007? where is debt to gdp ration.

US is wary bad spiral like many other countries.

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