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Did the Hedge Funds Blow Up Yesterday? 7/28/23

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Rising stock prices and falling bond yields have made it so much easier for US companies to raise funds that much of the impact of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate rises has been neutralized… The degree to which the environment has improved in recent weeks is reflected in the National Financial Conditions Index, compiled by the Chicago Fed, touching its lowest point in 16 months… ‘The reality is that financial conditions have loosened — we have [effectively] unwound roughly 450 bps of rate hikes. Financial conditions are enough to take us back to March of last year,’ said Sonal Desai, chief investment officer for Franklin Templeton Fixed Income.”

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10 hours ago, SiP said:

It's not just US corporates whom are immune to higher interest rates. US household debt service is lower than before the pandemic despite rates rocketing higher


Incomes are rising and most household debt service is in fixed rate mortgages. 

Rising rates cuts both ways. It also increases household income. 

Also, household debt service does not include rents. 

Put up the chart of rent vs. DPI. Of course, renters don't drive the economy or the stock market. 

Inflation is about to come roaring back. 

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kre etf is fine

The banks that showed some of the biggest deposit declines during the second quarter weren’t midsize regional lenders.  They were the industry’s giants.  JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Bank of America (BAC), Citigroup (C) and Wells Fargo (WFC) — the four biggest banks by assets — gave up a net $262 billion in deposits when compared with the year-earlier period. From the first quarter to the second quarter, customers pulled $62 billion from three of those banks.


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1 hour ago, DrStool said:


Inflation is about to come roaring back. 

That‘s gonna be the killer.

Charts of basically all oilers and for example TPL (Texas Pacific Land) look promissing.

Looking forward to meet you tomorrow 😎 We gonna have 23 degrees celsius and it will be mostly sunny 🤩


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