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Stock Market Chart Crosses the Maginot Line 5/9/23

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Good morning! I am now on the TGV to Frankfurt and the home of the ECB for a brief stopover on the way to Berlin where ich Villbeunberlinerfuhrschtert 3 days. I would have paid a visit to Christine Lagarde at the ECB, but alas, I am too busy. Perhaps when I return to Germany in July, I will have more time to come and pay my respects to the ECB. Why ECB? It's fun to stay at the why ECB. 

Sorry, these things just pop into my head and I have no choice but to blurt them out. 

Now, where were we. Oh yes. Paris.  So much to see and do there. 


 Meanwhile, the US market has had a massive breakdown this morning, losing .0000000000000001% on the ES, S&P fuguetures.  But seriously folks, with ideally 2 days to go in the 5 day cycle down phase, this has the potential to turn into something. They'd need an hourly close below 4123. 


Over in the bond market, if I was long fixed income I'd be nervous. Big trouble awaits abov 3.60 on the 10 year Treasury. I'd only be comfortable if that chart drops below 3.20. 


From the train, about to cross the Maginot Line... really, no kidding... but the symbolism should not escape us, I bid you bonne chance et bon journee. 

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  • DrStool changed the title to Stock Market Chart Crosses the Maginot Line 5/9/23
15 minutes ago, DrStool said:

Hey Fxy! What is this soup? It's good!


That‘s not german food, that‘s russian! 😂


2 minutes ago, DrStool said:



Now THAT‘s german food! Ultra processesd Schnitzel! Once finished your insides will come out! 😂😂😂 

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4 minutes ago, fxfox said:

Drink Schnaps afterwards! Something that burns, Ouzo or something!


The Poles make the best soups. Zurek! 

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