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Begimming to Thimk Malkiel Was Right 2/17/23

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Look at this chart of the ES, 24 hour S&P futures. It's garbage. Utterly useless garbage. Completely incoherent. 

But it tells the story of the current market. Babbling incoherence. The ravings of madness. 

I doubt that it will make sense until it breaks out of this range with room to spare. And even then I question how long a trend will persist. 

Of such doubt, perhaps a major move may be born. 

We don't know and neither do they. 

But I attempt to analyze the intraday pattern, and it says that the 5 day, 2-3 day and 1 day cycle projections all point to 4065 which was already exceeded. The next sport level would appear to be 4050. If that doesn't hold, we may be in Crash City. 


Meanwhile, the 10 year Treasury is getting crushed. No surprise there.


For moron the markets, see:

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If this gets going to the downside, I mean some real selling, I don't think there will be anyone left to buy on the other side of the sell trade avalanche, as everyone runs for the exits at the same time.

Look at this board, no gloating, no cheerleading, just a couple of diehards waiting for the next miracle stick save.

The bears are all dead with their heads mounted on the bulls walls.  Who is left to cover?

As a matter of fact, who is left buy, is there anyone left on the sidelines?  In Poker terms, they are ALL IN BABY!

If "they" can't turn this around this afternoon and we start to see some acceleration to the downside, to me this looks like a powder keg and at what level does this shit explode?

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Added to my very small, short position on TSLA today on the bounce.  Still is a small position but will add to it on any significant spikes higher.  Getting to be a grudge trade... I know, don't trade angry but 🤬.... 

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