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You Really Should Read This to Prepare for Fed Ketchup Day 2/1/23

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I came in with 8 longs, no shorts. Doubled up a couple, and added two more. 10 is my functional limit. I'd like to be enjoying this more than I am, but I'm sceert. If this goes down as fast as it's going up, I'll be in trouble. I'm not a fast reactor. 

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I remember someone saying that when the Federal debt hits the debt ceiling, it's bullish. Apparently for both stocks and bonds. 

Once they make a deal gonna be a lot of money to be made on the short side. Payback's a beach. 

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I give myself credit for not having stops and for buying near the lows after that downgrade. Stop would taken me out with a big loss. That loss is now reversed into a nice profit.

"Whatever your broker tells you to do, do the opposite, and you'll make money." 

-Old guy in the customers' gallery at Walston and Co. 1969. 

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