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Yeah, Everybody Got it Wrong, Except this Guy 12/30/22

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Happy New Year, youse guys (non genderized). 

The stories abound about how Wall Street got 2022 all wrong. 

Well this guy did not get it wrong. He got it right. He is not a crook. He earned... everything he got. 

Which wasn't much. 😂

This was recorded December 28, 2021 and posted January 3, 2022. Thanks to Potatohead for recommending me to Tom Bodrovics who did a great job with this interview with a disheveled guy who was somewhat unprepared. 


Thank you for being here and for your support. If you haven't already done so, and you would like some idea of what lies beyond, please subscribe to Liquidity Trader

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Meanwhile, here we are on New Year's Eve and I gotta laugh. The ES 24 hour S&P fucutures hourly bars are right at the tip of the arrow I posted for the Way Out, a few days ago. Will it end the year there? 

The key levels to watch as New York trading opens, will be 3825 on the downside and 3863 on the upside. If they don't break out, then we most likely trickle out 3835. But if they break either of those, then we should get a little more in the direction of the breakout. 


I think that 2023 will start with some buying as tax sale cash starts to recommit to equities. How far that will go? I'll give my best analysis on the big picture over at Technical Trader in a post to follow this weekend. 

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Regarding dividend ETF‘s/Funds:


the dividend growth fund is something like the best of the dividend world. The high yield funds and those dividend aristocrats are worse.

The dividend myth never dies. When you buy dividend ETF‘s you basically buy the Value Factor. In other words: You bet that the Value Factor will outperform the market.

A counter argument is that dividend ETF‘s have not so worse drawdowns in the times of stress. Well, in 2008 such ETF‘s were packed with Financials. Results known.

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