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Where Rallies Go To Die 4/28/22

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On 4/28/2022 at 1:41 PM, PullMyFinger said:

TCG, really enjoying your charts and commentary!

Thank you for the comment PMF,

The Reference Charts will definitely come in handy.

It really helps when I can mention "CAT is in a LH Twin Peak Targeting the swing at 190" and everyone knows what I'm talking about.  Even the funny mental guys can join in on the fun? 

The water is warm...smile.


Between the two Twin Peak patterns I posted this morning.  You'll see we have the DJI pretty much covered.

Expect a Comparison Chart blitz over the next few days.  Albeit...with a few interesting twists(and turns).



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2 hours ago, Jimi said:

Apple beats in the afterlife.

Have they ever missed?

Pre QE maybe?

>: (as heard on the web) 2 generals left, Microsoft and Apple.

>:: AAPL down in the After Life, but the After Life Reset(ALR) still to come (6:00 EST)

>::: MSFT was down in the After Life, but went straight higher at the ALR. (twice this year)

>:::: (in the words of Doc Henley) Welcome to Hotel California

>V SnP 4250 (right between the 1 and the 9)

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