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The Second Hill


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The Second Hill



Are you running that hill or is that hill running you?


That's a question a man asked me today as I was jogging.


He was standing by his car, I was breathing hard as I moved up the hill where he was parked. His question plagued me.


Each day presents us with hills.


Hills, bills, chills, spills, thrills, deals, kills, pills, wills, and nils. . .


We have them all sooner or later.


Are they running you or are you running them?


Each hill or uphill climb in our lives tries to tire us, make us quit, or at the very least, make us complain.


You can't avoid getting tired.


I don't care how much exertion your physical or mental conditioning can withstand, a steep enough hill will make you tired.


Whether the hill is running you doesn't depend upon whether you are tired. There are those who are tired even though they are sitting in rocking chairs.


The hill runs you when it gets you down. I refuse to let that happen. I know the hills make me stronger, that's why I run them. Every hill in my life has made me stronger.


If you run your hills instead of them running you, they will make you stronger, too.


You'll be in better shape.


You'll get tired, but eventually the same hill will get easier and easier.


One day, even the hills will be no challenge.


You'll seek a mountain.


Don't worry, you've got Wings.


From MountainWings.com ? The Daily Inspirational Email

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been a subscriber to the site for a few months now and a lurker on intraday stool...Doc i appreciate your work and must say yer charts have helped alot in my trading.....thnx again

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Charmin,..... that is a very nice chart. That blue line looks like a regression line. If you wanted to, you could add some rails to it for possible price targets....just run some parallel line at the high and low...... often suprising how often regression channels hit...... fwiw

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Yet another sign that we're in for one helluva ride......with patience.




Summation almost rolling over.......late but safe signal for more conservative traders.......who need to make the $19.29 to subscribe to one of the greatest Hurst practitioners in the Milky Way :D




I don't know how much people pay for wavy Prechter-missed-parabola-by-a-few-years-type-stuff, but Hurst farts in their general direction....including Gann, whose book I just finished and I'm very impressed, but the math is nothing quite like Hurst principles.....for trading. All non-Hurst TA is secondary....imo.


Doc, raise it to $1929.00 ....you'll get more traffic......but what if it's institutions?? :D

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