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Chart posting tip.


If you are posting a dynamically created chart, which is basically a live chart from any of the charting sites, try adding the .gif extension to the end of the url before the closing IMG tag. That seems to work.

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charmin, nice chart, what's not to like?


my 2 cents for the day. Am nicely short from yesterday, added more short germany this am (fxfox)


am worried about a low set today, followed by a sharp rally, (a wave 2 to take out the short base?)


the germans are likely to cut 50bp tommorrow, Will this be the excuse for a rally (That I'm sure will fade quickly!!!!)

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SG, in order to post a chart that resides somewhere on the Web, append ".gif" after its URL and before the closing IMG tag.


Wrong, thanks a lot! Every Wednesday? That's great, it is indeed easy for me to watch it; I wake up around 08:00 GMT.


Charmin, yes, it's too wide. B) The best size for this board seems to be 520x300 pixels.


Doc, is it possible to change the design and make the "author" column narrower - e.g., the same size as on the YABBSE board? That would leave more space for wider charts.




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Good Morning! ?for a change.


So, whaddya think of Capitalstool's newest slogan?


"Are you ready for the next wave?"

I think it's good if you're trying to get new subscribers, but "Are you ready for the next movement?" would be more appropriate for this site.

Doc: Another thing you could do is get connected with Brown and Company. I would be perfect for this site. :lol:


PS: I use Ameritrade and am happy with them. IG

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RE Questions


Time frame on 24.20 Q's... good question, 5-10 trading days likely.


Wasnt able to post chart, but I had mentioned this momentum indicator MANY times over the past week that it was indicating an upcoming downward move ahead of time.


P/C reversed to upside yesterday... a BEARISH signal believe it or not, because if you look at the 10 day MA of the PC ratio, once it an island reversal happens to the upside on puts.... it indicates official top and a move down.


Also... once a pattern is complete, its complete.... and a new pattern begins.


The new pattern is down kids... so again, on any rallies, establish short positions IMHO.... we should be heading down for remainder of year.


Interesting how the big boys are suddenly downgrading tech stocks... haha... Ya think just maybe they may have bought PUTS????????????

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That would be difficult since Night Stool now back on Look Out Below. The link would be different each night. I'll ask rich to put the name Night Stool in the topic title to make it easier to see in the LOB topic list.

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