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Well Duh. :blink: If workers get laid off and production remains at the same low levels then productivity goes up.


It's a good thing Joe 6 pack never got a real education otherwise he might understand the true nature of things. I'll bet they get it when they get laid off.



Speaking to co-workers they are comforted by the rise in the stock market. Never mind that the average Joe couldn't profit off this rally unless they were already inveested. Of course if they were invested all they would have done is cut their losses to some extent.

Bottom line I remind stoolies that we are in information overload. The average American doesn't see below the surface of the 15 second Nightly News Dow report.

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In addition to pontificating, I enjoy EDUCATING


Please dont take offense to those of you expert chartists... I am purely amateur hour... but...


As I posted several times over the past week, the "MOMENTUM" indicator is always a leading indicator of imminent reversals. The chart below clearly shows MOMENTUM crossed down several trading days before the Q's followed... in addition to stochastics double topping and RSI rolling over...


The chart to me shows ALOT more downside to come to correct this recent move...


Well... now I cant post the chart for some reason, frustrating sometimes. Anyhoo... guess you will have to take my word for it, cant provide a link because it doesnt save in format I set it up in...


Suffice to say.... gaps will be filled at 970-1000 st on NDX IMO


Any rallies should be shorted... IMHO....

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Chirs Locke is on Crapvision Europe every Wednesday morning at about 0835 GMT. You're in Iceland right, so should be easy to watch.

He was on again this morning with his charts predicting that we will now go striaght down past the October lows on all indices, to coincide with gold breaking out to 350. Lets hope he's right.

However if we break above the August highs he will be wrong by his own admission - but he is convinced that we go down now - big time!

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And... the SG E Wave numbers for the Q's


A move to 24.20 plus or minus a few points


A counter move to 25.65


A move to 18.98


Counter move to about $21


Final move down to about 17-18 ish....


Countertrend rally after that for a bit.... then a final blast down into March to new QQQ and NAS lows...


Thats my general SG take right now... FWIW

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