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The Round Mound of Rebound 3/23/23

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16 minutes ago, Jorma said:

At this rate a reprint of histories greatest headline is just about due. Something to look forward to.

Do We Defeat Truman? 

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Posted March 17

If you presuppose that the credit risk story has to run a natural course to the large money-center banks, then we should be purchasing 5-year credit default swaps on the (currently) fortress-names like BofA, Goldman, JPM - for the eventuality.[/quote]

I guess we shall see….



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The BoJ pumps again overnight. They will never stop. It is really a farce what they do since over a decade. If it goes on like that there will come the day where the BoJ will posses all the Japanese equity ETF‘s and every JGB. I mean, what is this???

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Deutsche Bank under pressure, -8%

If Deutsche falls, would result in a world wide clusterfuck of epic proportions. That is not just „yet another German bank“. Deutsche is far far more important than Lehman ever was. Deutsche is deeply embedded in the German and European „real economy“ AND has a derivatives book which is one GIANT shitehole.

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