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I Don't Really Care 1/11/23

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Consensus is forcasting 2% CPI in June 2023


Its all bullish

1. CPI goin lower

2. Labour market v. strong

3. industry will get new orders from China and EM

4. No energy crisis in Europe

Soft landing, nobody cares about Fed and ECB. They will lower their rates if inflation will come down. So most dont believe in higher for longer.


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I think it's all a head fake. Market wants to believe, test that 200 day average, then I expect something to break. I'm all in on PM miners, starting to do very well. Bought some so cheap I cant believe it, but there it is... watch SILV, first full month of production with silver taking off, getting lots of attention now and will have some great headlines this year.

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Morgan Stanley’s top strategist Mike Wilson warns investors to brace themselves for stocks to plummet more than 20% yhoo.it/3ZlP1DU

Translation. Their traders missed the rally. They need inventory.


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