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  1. Sell in May and go away? Or short the sucker... Great news, we won't be defaulting on our massive debt... yet. We still have ink and paper. Lack of funds easily solved! A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon it adds up to real money. Keep on borrowing, suckers. Hope they have steel toed boots, that can is getting pretty big and heavy.
  2. Gold puts in bottom? Puts gold in bottom? I'm so confused, where should I put my gold?
  3. So... the end is near? Get right with Go(l)d? Repent you banksters. Or jump... could it be raining banksters soon?
  4. Sittin' here on my stack of silver, playing with my gold. Real money, what a concept.
  5. I'm against it but they didn't ask me. My gold and silver miners are just fine with it, my goodness I started the day down $3500. So I bought some more. Ended the day up $6500. It was a thing of beauty.
  6. Or it's getting more difficult to understand what you mean? Play on words is fun but just an fyi, it is sometimes a chore trying to decipher your meaning. Long dong silver? What does that mean? You do you, I enjoy your musings but sometimes I just gotta say... huh?
  7. Must stop peasant raises! Who do they think they are! Cheap labor is everything!
  8. I think it's all a head fake. Market wants to believe, test that 200 day average, then I expect something to break. I'm all in on PM miners, starting to do very well. Bought some so cheap I cant believe it, but there it is... watch SILV, first full month of production with silver taking off, getting lots of attention now and will have some great headlines this year.
  9. I like to leave no doubt about where I stand. You, my friend, are out standing in the field. Merry Christmas to all and Festivus!
  10. My gold got monkey hammered this morning. Someone please take the hammer from the monkey....
  11. Nice call there Doctor! Hope you made a mint this morning
  12. I'd like to be short here but long term (thru Friday) I think it's very possible for a low volume melt up but I'd rather not be long so I'm having another egg nog. Cheers! Maybe I'll give myself some shorts for Christmas. I too see the edge of the abyss approaching.
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