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Monthly Digger - August, 2005

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well now that everyone has come back out of their bomb shelters, the game can begin. as i mentioned on the last page, the hourlies look like an abc and the dailies look like 5 waves down on xau/hui.  so, for me the prudent stategy is to see how it looks @around 98 xau, if it looks strong, ie no divergences maybe i hang on.  on a longer term perspective, i am w/the coin guy(yes i do appreciate your charts). i have about 25% of my liquid net assets in gold/silver. i do think the dolar is history. this i will hold until the old highs are surpassed. then think about what to do. i want to put money in other currencies, but it is beyond my experience. coin guy, if you have some ideas, yes i always do my own dd, i am all ears.  foreign bonds i have held before, but really know nothing about it.  and broads look like either the 4yr cycle high has been seen or will be seen shortly.  i was short and covered into support and am waiting to short again.  i think diversifying out of dolars is the way to go. ask soros and buffet.  dharma



dharma for a simple cash account in foreign currencies check out www.everbank.com

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QUOTE(traderfromhell @ Aug 31 2005, 01:04 PM)

Good to see you again Ander. I was beginning to think you'd been kidnapped by two lovely Swedish maids.


Ander..  because your apperances on this thread are of such serious importance and necessity, I will volunteer and sacrific myself to take your place in what would no doubt be a difficult and frightening experience.    My posts may be worthless for making money, but when the tough tasks appear, I'm at the front of the line to "lay my body down" for the team.  :P



hehe. :D


No, I'm pretty sure my posts are more worthless for making money, and thus I should be the one to go. :D



Your input is appreciated Ander. :D You stay here I'll take the maids. :lol:

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Well you know what I was saying yesterday about not frontrunning ... NEVERMIND!


Kudos to those who bought near yesterday's lows. Bravo! You will be less out of pocket then I if we get whopsawed.  :P

Yes you read me correctly I fell back in fully. When they started buying right at 2 pm I knew it was for real. I expect we get a little run now but in this suctor can't be too sure. Could always just be a short squeeze or EOM widow dressing.




Reasons for change of heart (COH):


Short Term (60 min) Hooey Timing. Well what a difference a day makes, 24 little hours.

MACD crosses over and races higher. Mooing averages also cross. Monday's high surpassed (but not until after in). Strength in buying pressure. Late buying (smart money).


Longer Term (Daily) Hooey Timing. Frontrunning.  :lol:  :ph34r: Mooing averages flat, no bullish cross yet. MACD also flat, no cross yet. HalfKnee broken vis Monday's high. Nice bullish looking reversal candle. This thing could run out of puff though and become nothing more than a backtest of the breakdown out of the channel that occured last Wensday. Watching the momo around 207. Expecting at least an overlap.


Mind you the next day after a good day such as today has been a bit hit or miss. Up only about 1/2 the time.


The model had a LT sell on Aug 23, 2005 at 206.90 and went into CASH. This was a frontrun of the mooing averages by 4 days that saved a few points and was based on 2 halfneck breaks and an MACD cross. It went 100% long on Aug 31,2005 at 205.6 having been in CASH for only 5 full days. Again this is a frontrun of the mooing averages based on a single HalfKnee break and a bullish reversal candle. A bit slim on evidence but ya pays yer money and ya take yer chances.



Gotten into scalp mode a bit lately. Since I trade close to close I puked up my PMPIX today. We are into the old bottom in Gold at 435 and have run up into resistance in the HUI and XAU. I firmly believe we print higher tomorrow but we might reverse. At any rate unless today was THE kickoff I feel I can buy cheaper than today's close. If I am wrong then perhaps around here or just slightly higher next week. A very nice day today in the pm's.

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this why i dont follow the cot, the commercials are now caught on the wrong side of the market. after gold broke out of the triangle, had a successful backtest, w/a projected price of 484, wondered how we could get there. well the commercials are about to take a lickin!!! sinclair has been saying that the commercials would be on the wrong side. got gold!!! dharma

2big days in a row. pinch me someone, i must be dreamin

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