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Monthly Digger - August, 2005

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Let?s say I have my wave?s counts and projection right then HUI is going to stop around 250-260 then head south back to 200 which will complete huge wave 2 then one should see a rocket ride.


There is no gain without some pain. Greed will kill u eventually. Buying trash will always make u poor.


Don?t forget you?re buying gold and commodities because there is going to be inflation. Deflation crowd should pack up and load with cash.

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And imo, they deserve to miss it. :D


Love u 2. :D


Sorry TFH. B)


Its just been too many months of everyone selling and waiting and saying 'one more leg down'. But hey, it was only a 5% move today. Still 140 points left to go on the HUI.




Also GSS earnings today. maybe this time they beat esimates and we get back a dollar that was lost in those bad reports of 2004.

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just got back home ..  VERY nice surprise..


WTZ not following the crowd...  maybe it moved too early


Welcome back Hadj

Was wondering where you'd been hiding out lately. I guess you know it's been a good day when GBN has a 10% move.


I've still got a way to go before I can pat myself on the back since I wasn't as patient as Dharma.


A move up to 250-260 would be nice, but I'm still holding for the spectacular move up beyond 300, although this time I'll be taking profits on lesser quality names and buying quality on the pullbacks.


A move in NEM to 55-60 by year end would be nice.

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me and seven of eleven have been buying MS 64 plus coins as fast as we could find them for the last year

So I guess we would be sorry if it is finished because you can never have enough :huh:

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Revised counts, in which waves A and C are treated as impulses and not 3 wave moves within a flat.


I can't get a handle on the larger pattern, but there's no reason why it shouldn't retrace up to the November highs as Feedfool suggests.


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