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Monthly Digger - August, 2005

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Gold in Rands and in Euros are backtesting important breakout levels now. For this move to be real I think we have to hold around here or breakdown. 2800 and 350 are the areas to watch. 435-438 is the area to watch for Gold to be contained if we are indeed going to break back down. So far Silver has respected its 6.80 and Gold 410. The 210-212 level in the HUI is the midpoint and a level to watch for a breakout of the trading range.

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Bearvest - thanks for posting your trades.


It may surprise some here, but I gotta agree. If the HUI and XAU can't get moving to the upside soon - especially considering the strenth of the metals - then the miners might be in some trouble.


TFH is right - 1st line in the sand right here at 435


On a positive note. GRS hit a new high on 4 X's avg. volume yesterday.


Silver is looking tired - resistance at $7.32


Just hoping the big move is to the upside, buck has plenty of room to fall. Getting exciting now. :)

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the dolar below 88 signals, to me, that the top is in on the dolar. w/malasya and china moving, the latter to a small extent, out of dolars, perhaps the stampede has started. i am a precious metals bull. period. no fiat currency has ever lasted historically. the dollar will be no different . time is on our side , it will still take patience. if a worthless stock like cmgi could go up 57 in a day. what will happen when the recognition hits that the dollar is worth jack!! dont lose sight of the fact that the dollar is being supported by foreign cbs, who will run like hell when the gig is up. if you want to trade this thing and pick up nickels have at it. but, experience has shown me in bull markets , when the momo starts, one always pays higher for what he has sold. patience, no debt and no margin. seasonally the doldrums should be ending in the next couple of weeks. surprises will be on the upside. dharma

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