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The Potion



Once upon a time, there was a young woman who was constantly nagged by her mother-in-law.


Eventually the young woman could no longer stand this aggravation and went to the local herbalist for some poison to kill the old woman.


After some thought, the herbalist gave her a heavily-scented potion. He told her this potion should be massaged into the skin daily, and after six weeks, her mother-in-law would die.


The young woman did as instructed. Each day she gave her mother-in-law a massage with the potion. Gradually the old woman's angry temper seemed to disappear, and empathy grew between the two women. After awhile, they started to understand and respect each other.


The young woman began to regret her desire to kill her mother-in-law, and as time ran out, she became increasingly worried.


She returned to the herbalist and begged for an antidote to the poison.


The wise old man smiled and explained that no medicinal antidote was needed. The poison she had been massaging into the old woman's skin was simply a mixture of aromatic oils.


Author Unknown


From The Mountain:


The power of touch, don't underestimate it. We often seek the exotic, only to find the answer was in our hands all along.


From MountainWings.com ? The Daily Inspirational Email

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Just a reminder that the other message board will be shut down for posting on December 7. We will finally be reunified in one place. Make sure you are registered on this board. All users previously registered on the old Intraday Stool board are registered here. You simply need to log in once and a cookie will be set on your computer so that you don't need to log in thereafter. If you are not registered, please do so. If you have forgotten your password, use the lost password link on the log-in screeen. The board will send you a new one which you can then use to go to "My Controls" and reset your password.


Have fun! Many tanks to all for your patience.

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I think these comments for nervous bears on the Tech stocks are worth reading, these are my opinions fwiw:


1. We all know that 4th quarter of EVERY year is seasonally the strongest for Tech spending


2. IT budgets that were laying somewhat dormant going into q4 of this year are spent up by the IT managers by years end, otherwise they lose the $$.


3. Q1 03 will turn into practically a "shut down" in business orders across the board, with only a few exceptions.


4. QQQ and NAS DUCK will be re-priced swiftly and properly as this becomes reality.


5. The smart $$ is already out.


Disclosure, I am as of last night 100% positioned at 200% short the Q's... there may be 1-2 days of upside left with Intel, Cisco, Nokia conferences... but my guess is any "good" news will be sold... beginning the corrective leg down towards 25.90 on the Q's...

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A few more quick Bear takes


There is one big AIR POCKET to be filled on the NDX (QQQ) to about 970 ish... closed at 1120 yesterday. Y'all can do the math there

NDX Chart


Also ,the "good" CTXS news this morning, keep in mind... they are in q4, They will tail off in q1, and even with the good news... the revenues are still 20% below last year.


Uh- Huh...

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The Sew-Pig or s-peeeee has rubbed its lipstick

off on the neckline. This Bear mk rally has sucked in

all it can suck. there are many gaps below,ie airpockets


The tinder is dry all we need is a spark.


Waiting for the implosion to new lows!




Katie leave the door open or I will tear it down

and eat you alive.......................

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Interesting stat from VectorVest's Market Timing Index (MTI) which has been pegged above the unusually high 1.6 level for three days now.


The longest consecutive days above 1.6 is 6 days, shortest 3 days. In every case afterwhich the market always headed down the crapper and never looked back.


Dates MTI over 1.6








I like these odds, especially since my e-wave guy (and SG) see the wave 2© rally complete as of yesterday and Doc cycles way overdue.

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