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Special Olympics


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From the November 27 New York Post:


Here's one Olympics New York won't be bidding for - the Rat Olympics.


The event, to be held next week at Nebraska Wesleyan College, will feature rodents competing in track, weightlifting and the long jump. They'll vie for gold, silver and bronze medals.


Psych Professor Spencer Morrison says spectators will be amazed by the rats' ability and agility.


But what happened to the pole vaulting event?

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Today is a perfect example of direct intervention by the fed. One can only imagine if we turned the tables, sold off hard on the open and reverded to positive. We would continue higher w/out even thinking about looking back. But the fed is scared to death, and will as promised, do anything to fend off deflation. Now, given the monsterous debt levels and huge overcapacity, I think they will fail miserably; but they will not go down w/out a major battle. It is beyond me how someone could be long in this enviroment. Even if the fed wins stocks will be decimated by the resulting hyperinflation.

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When the fed is scared of its own shadow, perhaps it is time for some bit of caution? Well it nothing but greed ruling the day, my friends, check out all various serntiment indicators

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the volume chart that I am following started picking up a little up volume steam on the S&P around 12:30. Don't know if this is just picking off short stops during linch hour. Will just have to watch and see how Specialists want to play the game. Watching out for higher lows with more up volume. Lunch over so see if they want to make a move. Nothing Yet.

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