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B4 The Bell, Tuezelday, February 17

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:D Good morning and welcome to B4 the Bell :D


Fukui wins....


Fukui 'world's best central banker'


LONDON (Kyodo) The British weekly magazine Economist named Bank of Japan Gov. Toshihiko Fukui as the world's best central banker in its Feb. 14-20 edition, setting aside his better-known counterparts in the U.S. and Europe.

In an article titled, "Toshihiko Goldilocks," the magazine praised Fukui despite Japan's economic woes because he "has been in his job for only 11 months and has, for once, actually steered monetary policy in the right direction."


According to the Economist, Fukui "has shown greater zeal to use unorthodox monetary policies."


The Japan Times: Feb. 16, 2004


and housing inflation wins...


Economy May Work in Bush's Favor

Housing Boom, Tax Cuts Buoy Many Voters, Despite Job Losses

By Jonathan Weisman

Washington Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, February 17, 2004; Page A01


By all rights, the Wisconsin job market of the past three years could have left Greg and Mary Beardmore embittered. Greg lost his job in 2001 when his dot-com venture went bust, found new work in office-furniture sales, only to be downsized back to the unemployment lines. Employed again after 14 long months, the former sales manager from Green Bay, earns half his previous salary.


With her husband struggling, Mary lost her job in June as a facilities manager at Green Bay-based retailer ShopKo Stores, and was thrown into a job market she described as "a wasteland."


Now living on an income that is 30 percent of their cash flow three years ago, the Beardmores have kept their heads above water, Mary said, refinancing their mortgage, lowering monthly payments and taking heart in the swelling equity in a home that has gained $100,000 in value since they moved in eight years ago.


"My economic circumstances are still right in the middle," she marveled. "I don't feel I'm losing ground, because I have the security of my home. If we had to sell our house to stay afloat, we'd do it very quickly. So you know, I think it's OK."


Economy May Work in Bush's Favor



Toshihiko Fukui and PM Junichiro Koizumi below.


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Nope. Bluejack is showing that. :D

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Have not been watching the volume lately, was the opening first half hour good?

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Brian4 - I've been a lurker here for quite some time now and always appreciate your insite. Any chance you could elaborate on your 'window' system? Could you suggest any books that might discuss this? Thanks. I primarily trade futures and use several time and tick charts with stochastics and breadth. These have worked well but am always interested in learning something new.

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I sure hope this is the Bare's dangling serpent.

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