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B4 The Bell, Tuezelday, February 17

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Hi Ho Silver and away! :lol:


You have to go back over six years to find an intraday high over the current 6.73. Hmm, somebody's shorts are smoking and it ain't due to all that lovin. The 6.65 on Jan 12, 2004 is the next closest intraday high, so I wouldn't expect that there can be many shorts above that? $7.81 intraday was achieved on Buffet's purchasing in Feb 1998 though I think the close was never higher than about $6.60.


Soup they will until they can't. And I think they will find they can't for much longer. They have no other bullets left and the last time they went this far and then took the punch bowl away, well we all remember the Spring of 2000. I think most of the distribution has taken place and the "right" bagholders are in place. I also believe if this thing turn South in a big way, people aren't going to hang around like they did the first time which should only add fuel to the fire. Throw in the program trades kicking into reverse and we have a setup for a long sheeple slaughter. I really don't feel we've had our "1929" yet. Of course I know nothing and trading on anything I say would be really stupid. :P

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yobob: I was just commenting on IDS, about how bullish everyone was on inflation/stocks moving higher and the ability of central planning to cure all that ails. THe bullsih consensus on both the fed's ability to reflate all our troubles away and for stocks to continue higher is unprecedneted, the boat has never been so lopsided.

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Guest bullseatshitndie
the fed is a fricking joke, they ahve never , ever, been easier. How the F can tey keep rates suppressed at 1% if they were not puttin the pedal to the medal. This whole frickking bubble(s) ( stocks, housing, junk credit) is a massive coverup for bubble number 1.

when the sheet hits the fan, avg joe going to wish for nuclear winter, because what's coming ahead(couldn't tell u when) financially is going to be deadly

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It occurs to me that AT & T wireless being sold to another cell company means that there will be redundancies in both equipment and people. All of this cheering can only be by the finanical stooges and not the ones who work for either company or those that supply equipment to both or for the 'tronics industry in general.

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You are absotootly correct.


The anal cyst Comack said he expects there to be significant layoffs because there is so much overlap between the companies.


"They don't need the AT&T Wireless employees at all. They might save some salesman, but everything is redundant," Comack said. "Cingular doubled their customer base and doubled their spectrum, but they can run that with the same amount of employees."



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