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Today is All Important 2/26/24

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That's right, former bears. Today is the day you either come back to life, or remain zombies consigned to market purgatory, wandering aimlessly in the desert, bereft of leadership, or hope, or reason. Praise Jaysus. 

And so, we turn to the hourly chart of the ES 24 hour futures to divine when this holy hell might end, and we see the answer. The dinosaurs never went eckstink. They still breathe fire. 

Or is that dragons? It's been so long, I forget. 



Charts Say- All Important Monday

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The kind of insight you won't get elsewhere. 


A couple of weeks ago I speculated that foreign currency inflows could account for some of the gains in stocks. And, yes, there’s data for that. The Fed’s H8 weekly banking system balance sheet breaks out foreign related banks in the US. Not all of their deposits come from foreigners sending deposits over to the US to buy stocks, but certainly some do. And voila, since January 1, while total bank deposits fell by $100 billion foreign related banks in the US saw net deposit inflows of $75 billion.


Gotta love those foreign investors.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Fed – We Make Money from Nothing


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