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We Made It Through Yet Another Week


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1,600,000 share trade on QQQ just went by AHs at 25.95! ?Rest of the prints around 26.50!

That's quite a catch there Rock. Looks like someone is doing a serious dump.

Either that, or squaring off positions between brokerages/MMs? I dont know and dont know how to interpret it. If anyone's got an idea on what it actually means, please post. But it was big, no doubt.


Tried charting it (with that volume ratio thingy which I offered to Hard Assets other day to see the effect), but cant. Can only chart till 4;15 PM and trade went by at 4;17 PM. Sneeky little buggers arent they?

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i cant wait for the week end anals anymore. Publish them now! :lol: :lol:


I just have to know how this 5-8 day cycle upphase will work out, if the bigger cycles are stronger and keep the 5-8 day down, i will go monster style short early next week.


As usually i will go short DAX, should see 3000 very quickly and if that broken downmove will accelerate B) B) B)


I can see it, santa clause has a very big sack this year! :lol: :lol:




just watching lapalomavision and say: Larr-he Crud-flow is the biggest asshole in the world! :lol:

and the dentist who has stolen Mr. Cashins teeth should give the oldtimer the teeth back, immediately. :grin:


sorry doc but i must say this now and loud:



he would have played a good part in goebbels' propagandaministerium. :angry:

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