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Intraday Stool Test Pm Trading 11/25/02

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Checking the Board out to see if I'm set. I'll probably have nothing to add to what you folks are say today but, I am reading every post so be good. :D

Oh yea, I do have something to add. Soupy Sales was an important part of my very young life. A few years ago I was walking down Lexington Ave. near 55th Street in NYC and I saw him. I walked up to him and said "Soupy, I used to watch you all . . . ." at that point he walked away from me very fast. Now, I was wearing my "goin' to bullshit someone outfit" a nice blue pinstriped NYC businessman's suit. . . you know. I was hurt. You'd think I had mouse ears on my head or somtin!

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update- shorted 5 more spoozies at 934/5 levels - let's see what these pr!cks got. on the floor huge seller the whole morning- some think pension hedger- i say bullsh!t- tankos are in order- here here.... looking to cover my short 10 spooz at 895- or stopped at 940 let's see what this pos can do at these levels.


will drop by after 1:30 CST and give another update- looking at MSH puts or CCMP puts too- not sure yet.


so says i,



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Go to My Controls- Board Settings - to change the board time to your time zone. If you do not do that the post times will be in GMT.


While in my controls update your avatar. In your profile add your birthday if you want to get hundreds of presents from people you never met all over the world.


In the email settings, please enable receiving email from admin (Doc) so that I can SPAM you! :P Actually it isn't SPAM. It's SNOT. Stool News Online Transmission.

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The BusKow here on the alternate access to verify the no prob case. Got this from tech support.

"The issue might be due to busy access numbers and network congestion.We suggest you to change to other access numbers local to your area to resolve the issue.

Please use the current access number which is fine for you."

Well, duh...what i expected. Since I can determine if ifxed i'll hassle 'em some more.

Lookin' good y'all.

Let's roll :rolleyes:

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The page selectors are not as friendly as on the Ikon Board...



Sorry, an error occured. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.


The error returned was:


There are no topics newer than this one

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