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IDS Friday Sep3rd

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there was a time when fundamental analysis mattered


when production of actual goods and services mattered


when truth mattered


not anymore




yet, it's actually easier to make money now


far less work involved


just accept the lies


internalize them, Believe them, and trade off them


short gold every Thursday for the Guaranteed pre-weekend slap-down


buy Dow futures at 2:14 for the 100-point daily goose


dong Nastrash stocks after every dip


nothing to it, really


it's no so bad


I can get used to it


will have to acquire some vices to assuage the guilt, suppress the conscience


but hey, it's a livin'


Thank You, Alan.



Geez I love your posts :D

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Guest bullseatshitndie
BS:  I know I should have my head examined, but I am fighting the bastards.  I sold the spike on the dow.

good luck!

day before labor day up 75% of the time, i see no reason to think today will be any different. fighting this establishment is fruitless, EFF EM ALL

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Guest bullseatshitndie
Bs: no argument. I refuse to believe that these fascists are bigger than the mkt. One day, perhaps I will learn?

perhaps one day they will learn they are not bigger than the market and that they will fail. nah, wishful thinking

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Dow green


sadistic laughter echoes in the halls of the Eccles building


prime escorts already lined up for the weekend


none for YOU though


move along please




there, that's a good citizen

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btw, what happend at B4TB two days ago? Some stoolies were banned forver or what? Also mjkst? He was always a ncie man i think. Very sad that all. There are really some folks who should consider doing the follwing:


1. take MORE Prozac? or


2. STOP taking it at all

Well yes. Trading is stressful enough. Doc could explain it better if he were around, but 'hate sites' and other way out sites should not be linked, although other factors - such as long time posters should be familiar with the rules - influenced his decision.


Just kidding about the Marsians/Martians. :P


My understanding is that it wasn't just 'hate site' links; there were actual anti-semitic hate postings not just by one or two but by a number of people. And I also understand that only two of these people were banned. Which, in my opinion, didn't go far enough if it's true because it's vile stuff like this that could completely destroy this message board. Doc has worked very long and very hard to create and maintain this site and anyone who defiles it with such postings/links is an affront to him and his hospitality as well as to the rest of us and doesn't belong here.

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