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IDS Friday Sep3rd

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Ya, sure, W didn't peek at the jobs report before his speech. Give me a break.


If a good jobs number is boolish because it shows the economy is growing, isn't it also bearish as it should signal the end of the most accomadative period in the Fed's history? And what is it doc says over and over, something about a liquidity meter?


I can't tell if some of the bull talk on B4 is sarcastic or not....


If the futures meltdown turns into a meltup (and why can't it?), it's just another Matrix Propoganda Affirmative Ass Blast (MPAAB).


I went to bed stupified by the drop-off in the futures action, thinking that yesterday's meltup should have taken out most shorts using stops and that as improbable as a gap down would seem on the heels of the convention that few Bears would benefit from it.


I got stopped out of one short yesterday and went long GG, which shouldn't be good in front of a good jobs number, whatever.... They can have my miners at the tip-top of the market, or when they pry them out of my cold dead hands.

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btw, what happend at B4TB two days ago? Some stoolies were banned forver or what? Also mjkst? He was always a ncie man i think. Very sad that all. There are really some folks who should consider doing the follwing:


1. take MORE Prozac or


2. STOP taking it at all

yes I am on record after being attacked by banned poster.


I said ajusts your meds to banned poster two days before crackup :P

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leg breakers to the floor!


interns to the keyboards!


the new world order Shall be enforced


let the masses quietly suffer in servitude


lower wages, higher costs, deeper debt


but paint all the numbers pretty

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there was a time when fundamental analysis mattered


when production of actual goods and services mattered


when truth mattered


not anymore




yet, it's actually easier to make money now


far less work involved


just accept the lies


internalize them, Believe them, and trade off them


short gold every Thursday for the Guaranteed pre-weekend slap-down


buy Dow futures at 2:14 for the 100-point daily goose


dong Nastrash stocks after every dip


nothing to it, really


it's no so bad


I can get used to it


will have to acquire some vices to assuage the guilt, suppress the conscience


but hey, it's a livin'


Thank You, Alan.

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