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IDS Friday Sep3rd

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btw, what happend at B4TB two days ago? Some stoolies were banned forver or what? Also mjkst? He was always a ncie man i think. Very sad that all. There are really some folks who should consider doing the follwing:


1. take MORE Prozac? or


2. STOP taking it at all

Well yes. Trading is stressful enough. Doc could explain it better if he were around, but 'hate sites' and other way out sites should not be linked, although other factors - such as long time posters should be familiar with the rules - influenced his decision.


Just kidding about the Marsians/Martians. :P


My understanding is that it wasn't just 'hate site' links; there were actual anti-semitic hate postings not just by one or two but by a number of people. And I also understand that only two of these people were banned. Which, in my opinion, didn't go far enough if it's true because it's vile stuff like this that could completely destroy this message board. Doc has worked very long and very hard to create and maintain this site and anyone who defiles it with such postings/links is an affront to him and his hospitality as well as to the rest of us and doesn't belong here.

Well said, plus there was stuff posted on MTM last night that was blatantly racist - which I had to remove.


When you go off-topic, please consider whether you will offend certain people or groups and whether your comments add to the type of message board Doc offers for free.

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Sudaca..wonder if Kurlaks still got his buy on the SOX from the 500's....


Also my heart goes out to those kids and teachers in Russia....that may be one of the most tragic things I've ever seen,,,,I sit here and wonder what would make someone do something like that to children...these are messed up times...


Also to fellow stoolies in Florida...stay safe....



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Guest libertas
I sit here and wonder what would make someone do something like that to children...these are messed up times...

I could tell you. Just read my signature. I'm sure you can find a translation on the web if you don't read Latin.

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there was a time when fundamental analysis mattered


when production of actual goods and services mattered


when truth mattered


not anymore




yet, it's actually easier to make money now


far less work involved


just accept the lies


internalize them, Believe them, and trade off them


short gold every Thursday for the Guaranteed pre-weekend slap-down


buy Dow futures at 2:14 for the 100-point daily goose


dong Nastrash stocks after every dip


nothing to it, really


it's no so bad


I can get used to it


will have to acquire some vices to assuage the guilt, suppress the conscience


but hey, it's a livin'


Thank You, Alan.



Geez I love your posts :D


I love Shorty's posts also, but like On The Beach's kids, I WISH he would go back to the stompin' bear avatar! :D

I LOVED watching that bear!

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Guest bullseatshitndie

Crapvision trying to sell the dow theory bs, trans and util new highs, indu to come next.

well, util nice bearish daily reversal.

here's weekly chart. prices have rallied back to test the uptl broken from the oc02 lows. BIG sell


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Greetings from Pebble Beach.........


Just checking in to see what The Matrix is up to.


Looks like a full frontal assault on gold and silver.


Noticed some excessive, high volume Bonering in QueerLogic.


It appears that the Supermodels are being abandoned, but proceeds are simply being HeatMapped into other sectors like "Finance", or "Banking", or "Retail", or "Storage" or whatever.....


Just the same old jello jamming around the plate.


No money ever leaves the market.


Over $8 billion in new Fumble Inflows last month, according to AMG.


HedgeFunds still the latest Mania, best friend of the Plutocrat Regime. Just punch in a few keystrokes, and the Wildebeasts will follow..........


Expect an End of Day Ramp Job to "Resubstantiate" the Bush Junta for the long weekend.


There will be no volume, so Ag's janitors and maids will be able to hit the "Buy Spoos" button at 2:00pm and send everything into a Vertical Meltup.....


See 'ya on Tuesday........


Outta here.........


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