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IDS Friday Sep3rd

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Guest bullseatshitndie
BS: Just subsitute Art hogan or alphie goldman talking about the nasdog in 1999, for the shill at the natl assn of realtors. All talking their book, all vested interests in keeping the scam going.

couldn't agree more. same rhetoric coming out of the housing ceo's mouths now, just like the tech ceo's. they'll continue to paint the brighest picture all the way down, suddenly, whoops, stock prices are down 80%.

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Whatever happened to the standard caution of considering the source?

That's why the story doesn't begin with something like:


"Phoenix, Sep 2nd (AP)", or


"New York, Sep 2nd (Reuters)", or


"Washington, Sep 2nd (Bloomberg)"




It's not a news story, and it should start with something like:


"New York, Sep 2nd (PR Newswire)"

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The news out of INTC should of killed this pig for a day or two anyway.

Instead it didnt even happen.


imagine the landslide victory if the administration jams the dow back to 11000

All government numbers will become more and more outrageous between now and Nov 2. The media will swallow anything the Kremlin tells them so who will stop the rally? Standing in front of these thugs will be a death sentence.

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