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Happy VE Day 5/8/24

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Today is a national holiday in France, celebrating the Allied victory over the Nazis in WW2.  So we won't see much tape action until New York traders start actively trading in about 2 hours at about 8 AM. At that point we're looking at a trend convergence around 5180, with a trendline rising to 5187 at the New York close. Any downside whatsoever would be dependent on breaking that line and a critical spport level at 5178. Break that, and there's about 20 points of air.  

A 5 day cycle low is due today. Odds therefore favor a liftoff, but there's overhead supply indicated. Resistance levels are 5200 and 5204, with the top of the current uptrend channel at 5215 later today. The next resistance area above that would be around 5225 near the NY close. 


In the third week of April, when almost everyone was all beared up, I was bullish because both liquidity analysis and cycle analysis showed that a bottom was forming. Want to know what to do now? Stay ahead of the curve. Know what to expect and trade with confidence. 

For moron the markets, see:   

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Now RFK Jr. making excuses for the vicious dictator Putin while Trump curses out Stormy Daniels in court and Judge gives Trump a long term get out of jail free card in the classified documents case. 

We are in deep, deep, deep trouble. This is the second coming of a fascist age, and it has more popular support now than it did in 1933. Democracy hangs by a thread. The rule of law will be replaced by the rule of murder, mayhem, and accidental deaths on stairs and from balconies and windows, and from sudden unexplained illnesses.  

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