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This Trend Is Your Trend, This Trend is My Trend 4/18/23

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I believe my thoughts are known about NVDA, so no further commentary is needed. 

Although, after I read WTF's post above...I took a look at the press release from AXS in regards to releasing ETF's for individual issues. 

I thought this was interesting...I've never seen this style of ETF for individual issues before.   My friends who have used the 2x and 3x inverse funds are always crying about slippage.  I'd imagine as long as you're just taking care of business and not hanging around too long...you could do well with one of these.  1.25x get's my nod of approval.  2x(and especially 3x)...does not.

Here are my thoughts on the five.  Please feel free to correct me when I fall flat on my face...😊.

NVDA - See above.

NKE - 65.

PFE - 27.50. 

TSLA - 35.  Yes.  35.

PYPL - NO comment on price.  This is our old "Canary in the Coal Mine".   Point blank.  This issue isn't acting correctly.  It should have traveled with NFLX(175 to 350) up to fill the first gap into the rest area.  From my view...175...should have been a slam dunk. 

Remember all of the 1x/rest area/1x charts from last spring?  Yet...It's still on the launch pad?  I said to cover at 75?  That was almost a year ago?  We're still here?  Avoid.  If the market rolls over...AND PYPL rolls too...meaning it doesn't trade inverse?  I'd say...well, you know.


The PayPal chart reminds me of the Nasdaq in the summer of '01...

You know what else it reminds me of?  Ethereum.

With all of the BTC calls to 1,000,000 a share in 90 days that I've heard...I thought I'd start my own campaign.

Starting April 10th.   My call is ETH to 1000 in 90 days.  Wish me luck...


Back inside of 2000 is confirmation that it's on its way...



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