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Don't Get Beared Up Because of Yesterday 4/5/23

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6 hours ago, WTF said:

NVDA gaps down... AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiii.......🖕

Man, don't get excited about a 1% drop when the company has risen 100% since January!

From 120/140 to 280. This is insane. I would love to know that in january, same as bitcoin. Amazing rise. Amazing, you could almost double your capital. DOUBLE. Who cares about 1%-2% selloffs?

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Making money on the markets in my opinion is getting harder and harder, or is it getting easier? It depends how you look at it.
Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how much time I spend analysing the news, data from the economy, following twitter, gurus, or even liquidity analysis that nevertheless assumed declines or at least a difficult period for the markets in the last months. I hardly know people who have made a shit load of money since October 2022.
To me the only rule is - trade what you SEE, f. the rest and what you THINK. Which is mega hard. I read a news about bankruptcies, upcoming recession, banks and CRE problems and what the market did? Well, you you know.

WTF?! its really hard for me to find the logic here. just plain TA. Nothing more, f. the rest

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