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A New Beginning


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First, the official Welcome To The Promised Land:



Courtesy: AllPosters.com


And now, on to business:


Quote from DrStool (on the subject of dropped posts) Posted: Nov 25 2002, 04:08 PM EST


Too many simultaneous posts cause a bit of a problem it seems. This is a server processer issue, and unfortunately, nothing I can do about that.


It's extremely frustrating.


When the board hangs, the thing to do is back off for a minute.


My suggestion if you are posting something you'd rather not have to recreate if it disappears into the Phantom Zone is to copy or copy and paste it just before you do the deed. This has been SOP with me for months for all of my opening commentaries.

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Good morning!


Uncle Buck and the Golden Stool are posted (daily by 7:30 AM NY time.)


Stoolwethers are posted (daily by 8:30) Suctors will be posted around 9 AM.


Pre market outlook will be posted at 9:15.


Please, go to your control panel and reset your avatar, and update your personal profile settings. Add your birthday if you want presents from hundreds of strangers. Please enable receiving admin email in your email settings. Please update your signature if you see code tags in it.


If you are not registered, please do so. If you were registered on the old IDS, you are registered here. Please log in. Guest posting will be disabled after 12/7.


If you want to try things, use the Try It Out forum.


If the board hangs back off for a minute. Do not try to repost immediately. Your posts will show up! Unfortunately I am going to have to limit the file size on image uploads to 50K. That should help.


Many tanks to Gladiator!


I will set up the other moderators today.


Finally, Please, HAVE A GOOD TIME! :lol:

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A word on Fibo Nacho's


Leonardo of Pisa is responsible. He was born in 1175 AD in Italy. The son of the Bonacci family. Therein, he was nicknamed "fibonacci"... or, Son of Bonacci...


He came up with the 3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144... etc sequencing.... time and spatial relationships that exist throughout the universe.


Now R.N. Elliott, the father of Elliot wave theory combined Fibo Nacho's with Wave psychology. He studied the markets for 75 years to determine patterns in waves. He correctly called bottoms and tops in the 30's...


So... that brings us to today, Nov 26th. 34 trading days off the Oct 10 bottom, a Fibonacci turn date if you will.


E-wave wise, this wave 2 corrective move is near complete. The retracement either runs another 2-3% higher on the SPY, NAS, and DOW (which looks like it may) or it ends today as the top of this Wave 2.


Wave 3 is going to be the mother of waves down... to all new lows on all indices.... this is my take


She either begins at today's close, or Dec 2nd... god knows everyone including Abby Joseph, and now Barton Biggs have turned bullish.


This is not the time to panic if you are a bear....


P/C ratio 10 day moving average falls below .66 likely today, indicating yet another bear market top....

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From Raptor Research Group (EWaver's)


In the bigger picture, because a decline was expected into the end of the month and the markets rallied instead into this time period, the outlook has turned even more bearish as the indices form a major top. Only a pullback into the end of the month would have allowed another rally in a few weeks. The outlook for the next 6 months suggests the index will be making new lows in this time period and the trend is likely to begin as early as late next week.


Bottom line is all my indicators turned Bearish the NAS a few days ago, the volume spike we saw was a likely blowoff top, and I will be shocked if we don't see a reversal at 1490-1500 sometime today


Markets should not bottom until March sometime... the likelihood is earnings and revenue warnings will start next week, and first quarter estimates will be trashed again... consumers will not be spending as expected...

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Final note of morning, re NAS


I own the RYVNX fund, 200% short the QQQ. This fund is a great indicator as well. I entered most of my position at 1045 am yesterday at 57.39 per share. The high was $120 per share at last market bottom on NAS.


A quick glance at the chart shows its very Dover Sole (NAS overbought) My target is $80 per share near term...


That would place the NAS at 1200.... where I see a gap.


Keep it simple...


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Barton Biggs ambiguous comments today


Barton Biggs, chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley, is somewhat optimistic about the market?s prospects.

      ?I still feel this rally has further to go,? Biggs said on Crapvision, adding that he thinks the news about the U.S. economy is going to improve in coming months, which in turn will help to boost stock prices.

      If the economic news doesn?t improve market psychology could turn negative, Biggs said. ?Worries about a double-dip recession and deflation will return and we could see the market?s averages sink back to their October lows,? he said ? a deterioration that would be bad news for the U.S. economy.



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Unfortunately I am going to have to limit the file size on image uploads to 50K. That should help.



I dont wish nor do I know if other posters will have the same problem, but a 50K uploaded image size (in jpg format) is quite a small image from my screen. Is there a file format which is more byte size friendly than jpg which this board will accept as an upload?


A 50 K image size is essentially not "workable" from my perspective (it measures 3.5 x 5 inches on screen) and would likely result in no image posts from my end. I simply cannot work with such small charts.


Not sure if the image size will also effect other stoolies (I would terribly miss FeedFool's wonderful charts). Hoping for a image size around 110 - 125K from my end. Personally, I would be willing to sacrifice avatars and signature lines if you need the space.

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SG, thanks for these posts. On fibber nachos, this is fascinating. always interesting to know a little history. Now if Wyatt could only understand how turn dates are figured out.

Hope this big ship turns around today.


"So... that brings us to today, Nov 26th. 34 trading days off the Oct 10 bottom, a Fibonacci turn date if you will."

Uhmm, ok Wyatt can see that.

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kind of ot, but can anyone recommend a decent broker ( options and stock). Just got booted from mother merrill, they said I traded too much in my unlimted cma. Thanks

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