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Speaking Of Sex . . .


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From the Thanksgiving Day edition of the New York Post:


Puritans Had Sexy Secrets


Far from the dour-faced scolds we have immortalized in history texts, the inhabitants of the early American colonies favored brightly colored clothes except on Sundays, and consumed three times as much alcohol per capita as modern Americans.


But of all the mistaken views of the Puritans, the notion that they were sexless penitents as perhaps the most undeserved. Herewith, further insight into the Puritan libido:


pip.gif Puritans viewed sex within a marriage not as a procreational obligation but as a fundamental right. Husband and wife owed each other the "pang of pleasure."


In fact, the laws of New Haven, Conn., permitted a wife to divorce an impotent or underperforming husband.


And James Murdock, a cooper, was accused of denying "conjugal fellowship" to his wife for two years and was excommunicated from his church.


pip.gif Puritan ministers were fond of sexual imagery in their sermons.


The most common metaphor for Christ was the "bridegroom" who would "impregnate" his believers.


pip.gif Teens didn't just sing "Turkey in the Straw" on hay-wagon rides. Estimates of the number of brides who arrived at the alter pregnant range from 30 to 60 percent.


pip.gif Colonial perents permitted their daughter and her suitor to share a bed. The overnight accomodation was part compensation for a full day's work, but it also served to limit the guesswork in determining the paternity of a child.

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vitriolic drumbanging on Crapvision about stopping the saudi elite's financing of terrorist groups.  hmmmm.


richmtn - brilliant avatar.

Takes one to know one.


Special thanks to the talented anoscope. He fixed my avatar and made it come to life. It's alive. :grin:


He also produced a logo for Night Stool.




Very cool.


Last I heard he was looking for work. In addition to his obvious talents he is an hard working can do kind of guy. He is also someone you want to be around. If he is still looking perhaps one of the stoolies knows of a placement for him.


Thanks again ano.

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Looks like we are heading to my cited 24.50 or less on the Q's , on leg 3 down of this first set of waves down....


Has been working out perfectly as the gap to 27 was filled yesterday, and next move is clearly 24's...


Its all about fibonacii and E waves... and moves from emotional highs to emotional lows that coincide... nothing more, nothing less.


Good news is good news, bad news is good news.... to good news is bad, and bad is very bad....


"Because Im bad, ya know, sha mow"

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